Study and Living in Kuwait

As an international student, many questions must be running through your mind regarding the tuition and living expenses in Kuwait, housing options, working conditions, and travel. To get the answers to all these questions, read the post-


Many of the higher education institutions in Kuwait provide accommodation.

Student dormitories or complex: This housing option gives an opportunity to get along with other students, know them better and the institution as well. Plus, you’ll be proximate to the university you’re studying. 

Private accommodation: If you need more privacy, this is the option for you. The private housing includes flat rentals. The cost of the private housing varies considerably depending on location and facilities.   

Stay with Kuwaiti family: This option gives you an opportunity to learn about their culture and language first-hand. 

Living Expenses

The living expenses in Kuwait depend on your lifestyle and the choice of accommodation. 

Rent per month:

In Kuwait, students can expect to pay between 180KWD and 540 KWD, depending on the location. If you choose to stay in city centre the renting cost is high whereas, outside city centre has lesser rent. Like other countries around the world rent vary as per facilities, and the type of housing- one bedroom or three bedroom apartment, you are opting to stay.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for international students vary depending on the institution chosen and study programme. However, you are required to pay a flat fee per credit hour of study.   


Kuwait’s transport network is mostly contained within Kuwait City. Buses are the only form of public transport in Kuwait. Three companies Kuwait Public Transport Company- KPTC, City Bus and KGL are the part of public transport in Kuwait. 

Getting Around by Buses

Buses are easily available and safe in Kuwait. They run every 10 minutes. The buses in Kuwait are air-conditioned. The two public bus companies in Kuwait are the state-owned Kuwait Public Transportation Company KPTC and CityBus.  Fares range from about 150 to 200 fils per ride, depending on the distance travelled.

Travelling In and Around by Taxis

To travel around on a daily basis, taxis are better. The prices are reasonable. Taxis in Kuwait are easily available and reliable. Fix up the fare in advance. Most taxi companies have zone-based fares. 

Getting Around by Car

Driving is the most popular way to get around the country. You can use an International Driving Permit at first, but later you have to get a Kuwaiti license.

Working While Studying

International students are not permitted to work in Kuwait as part of the terms of their student visa.
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