Higher Education System in Kuwait

The higher education in Kuwait is regulated by the Ministry of Higher Education (MHE). Higher education in Kuwait includes university and post-secondary education and training. Technical training is offered at the post-secondary technical institutes and training centres under the administration of the public authority for applied education and training (PAAET). The training centres are more vocational-oriented and provide 2-year technician programmes for students who hold a secondary certificate. 

The very well-known higher education institution in Kuwait is Kuwait University.  In Kuwait, there are many other higher education institutions. Also, a few fine arts colleges that specialize in music and other forms of arts are also there.

Higher Education Institutions

State-Sponsored Institutions of Higher Learning

Kuwait has four state sponsored universities:  

Kuwait University

Kuwait University was set up in 1996 as a co-educational institution. The university provides a wide range of study programmes, such as education, business, engineering, law, medicine, arts, sciences, allied health and nursing, etc. Presently, there are 5 campuses of Kuwait University in Kuwait.

College of Basic Education in PAAET (Public Authority for Applied Education and Training)

PAAET focuses on two sectors- education and training. PAAET consists of four colleges offering specializations and many Training Institutes, such as-
  • College of Basic Education
  • College of Business Studies
  • College of Technological Studies
  • College of Health Sciences
  • Higher Institute of Energy ( Electricity and Water)
  • Higher Institute of Telecom and Navigation
  • Industrial Training Institute
  • Nursing Institute
  • Constructional Training Institute
  • Vocational Training Institute
These institutions emphasize on vocational studies and workforce related skills.

Higher Institute of Theatre Arts

Higher Institute of Music Arts

Private Institutions of Higher Learning

In Kuwait, there are private universities and colleges also:

Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST): The GUST is a private institution in collaboration with the University of Missouri.  It offers higher education in science and technology, business, and arts. It has 2 academic colleges: College of business administration; and college of arts and sciences. 

Australian College of Kuwait (ACK): This institution offers vocational courses  

American University of Kuwait: It is an independent private liberal arts institution of higher learning. It has two schools: the college of arts and science; and the school of management.

Kuwait Maastricht for Higher Education: This is the private business school in Kuwait and offers graduate level business administration degree in Kuwait. 

Gulf American College

Box-Hill College for Girls

Arab Open University: Arab Open University was established in 2002 and affiliated to UK Open University. This is the largest private institution for undergraduate studies in Kuwait. This university comprises of following faculties:
  • Faculty of Information Technology and Computing
  • Faculty of Language Studies (English Language)
  • College of Business Studies
  • Faculty of Educational Studies

Higher Education Qualifications

Following are the higher education qualifications:

Undergraduate degree- Bachelor’s degree: It encompasses general education, and advanced and elective studies with degree specialization. The bachelor degree lasts for 4 years (Bachelor of Engineering: for 5 years; and Bachelor of Medicine for 7 years). The bachelor degree of 4 years requires completion of 120 semester credits.

Master’s degree: Students must hold a bachelor’s degree in order to gain admittance into Master’s degree programme. This degree involves 2 years of study. 

Doctoral degree: This degree takes at least 3 years and is offered by Kuwait University. Pupils are awarded a PhD after successful completion of a thesis that provides substantial contribution to the area of study. 

Admission Requirements

Applicants must hold a General secondary school certificate in order to gain admittance into the higher education first level studies in Kuwait. To know in detail about the admission requirements, click here.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees vary depending on the study programme and the educational level. 

Student Visa

International students must apply for student visa in order to study in higher education institutions in Kuwait. Applications for the visa can be made through the Kuwait embassy in your country of origin. To get more details, read the post "Student Visa for Kuwait".
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