Kuwait as a Study Destination

Kuwait, officially known as the State of Kuwait, is an Arab country in Western Asia. It is situated in the northeastern edge of the tip of the Persian Gulf and shares its borders with Iraq to the north and Saudi Arabia to the south. Kuwait is one of the leading distributors of natural petroleum and oil because of its abundant reserves in the Kuwaiti deserts. Kuwait is attracting more and more students now.

Kuwait is the most preferred and favorite study destination for GCC (Gulf Corporation Council) students who wish to pursue studies in other Gulf countries, as per the latest report by GCC General Secretariat. Kuwait has the highest number of students from other GCC countries..

Why Study in Kuwait?

Following are the reasons to study abroad in Kuwait:

Diverse Academic Studies

Kuwait offers a wide range of study programmes. There is plenty to offer to international students as well. There are state-sponsored institutions of higher learning that offer undergraduate and graduate courses in many fields, such as education, business, engineering, law, technological studies, medicine, arts, sciences, allied health and nursing, vocational studies, etc. Additionally, there are many private higher education institutions in the country that provide many courses in various fields, such as language, business studies, secretarial skills, and computing.

Rich Cultural Background

Kuwait has a rich cultural background and tradition and one could g much from studying there. They emphasize on business coursework and skills that are related to specific trades. Kuwait has rich petroleum preserves thus providing a sound economic basis and enabling it to do commerce with the western world. Studying in Kuwait gives students a broad variety of educational experience.  

Learn a New Language

The official language of Kuwait is Arabic. Studying here gives you an opportunity to learn the language. Learning Arabic in Kuwait enables you to immerse yourself in the language. 

Reasonable Study and Living Expenses 

The course fees for international students vary depending on the institution chosen and study programme. However, you’re required to pay a flat fee per credit hour of study.  The cost of living in Kuwait depends on your lifestyle and the choice of accommodation.
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